Past the Pen Crew

Samuel D. Logan

#PTP Founder, Star and Writer 

Samuel D. Logan is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. Attending high school at Dekalb School of the Performing Arts, he learned film, vocal music and performance ethics, which he used to become successful in college.

A graduate of Valdosta State University with a BFA in Mass Media, Samuel began working at CNN. After a short stint at CNN, Samuel decided to accept a job as a sports reporter for a small newspaper in Valdosta.

After working as a sports reporter in the field for 19 months, Samuel is back in Atlanta, GA ready to shift his focus to public relations and the entertainment industry.






Carlos Cody

#PTP Contributor


Carlos Cody

Carlos Cody

 “Let me be the spark that ignites your life for greatness” by Carlos Cody. 

Im here to inspire, motivate, empower, encourage, and transform your life by the renewing of your mind. If you need purpose look no more, if you need direction look no more, and if you feel lost look no more! Join the movement and get ready for your life to be ignited with greatness as we spark the hidden potential within you. So dare to dream it, dare to pursue it, dare to believe it, and get ready to receive it! Let’s begin now……

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