Change Your Life: Daily Motivation

Take Full Responsibility for Your Life

By: Carlos Cody



In order to grow and to find the God given destiny for your life, there is one thing you have to do. You must first take 100% responsibility for your life. You must realize that you are exactly where you are in life because of the choices you have made thus far. If you want to experience a full life and achieve your wildest dreams that your mind can’t even completely fathom yet, realize it starts with you. You can’t control the circumstances you were born into; rather it is a single parent home, a bad environment, or growing up in poverty. The first step toward a more fulfilling life and finding your God given purpose is by releasing the blame or the responsibility from everyone else and choosing today to take complete ownership for your life today starting now.  You must start somewhere, so why not here, why not now?

The journey of life is a difficult one but once you begin to realize that you are a creator of life and not an acceptor of it, life will begin to meet your own terms instead of you accepting what life gives you.

Here are some tools to help you along your journey:

Affirmations: I take 100% responsibility for my life today.

I am responsible for learning and gathering everything I need in life to succeed.

I am a responsible person and I succeed in everything I put my mind to.

Write out a few things that you are not happy with in your life. If there is anything you can change, begin to take steps in the other direction to free yourself from those things that are draining your life. Take responsibility, it is up to you to remove the negative things out of your life.



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