Hawks Thabo Sefolosha Settles for Cash in NYPD Brutality Case

In 2015 when the Hawks were the No. 1 seed in the East, Thabo Sefolosha had his leg broken by the NYPD after a late night club event at 1Oak, the same night a former NBA player, Chris Copeland, was stabbed. 

Sefolosha had charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct dropped in October 2016, and has now settled with the NYPD, for $4 million dollars. 

I personally don’t think he should have settled to drop the case, because there was video showing that Sefolosha did no wrong, he could have probably gotten more done for the betterment of the NYPD, if he didn’t settle. 

What do you think? Would $4 million dollars, as an NBA athlete, make up for a broken leg, that cost Atlanta a championship and could have ended his career? 


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