Inside Childish Gambino’s “3005”


[[Prelude]] “I’ll be right by your side, til 3005”

Ever listened to an album that told you the story of your life before you were ready to acknowledge it?

That was Because The Internet for me. I can still remember my fangirl-esque screams when Donald let us

know he was about to put out another album. Hearing “The Worst Guys” set my heart ablaze because it

felt like somebody ripped a page out of my soul song. “In the garage, I had a menage, and murdered the

vag’, But, afterwards, it was awkward as fuck, Cause I’m nervous as fuck and could not get it up” How

could you not love an honest man? I emotionally became The Boy whose story was finished using

Because The Internet as I followed the cookie crumbs that Donald Glover left for his fans in anticipation.

Cookie crumbs that consisted of leaks, secret flash drives, a screenplay, learning to code, and by making

The Boy’s life his reality. Donald wished for the opportunity to inspire and educate those who love him

and I truly believed his goal was accomplished. The album, like its creator, wasn’t perfect, but it was

authentic. Glover posted a series of Instagram photos proving that his vulnerability is nothing to be afraid

of. And after overcoming depression and record label objections, Because The Internet was born. Just

being aware of the amount of work that went into the final product made me love it. Nothing could ever

prepare me for the actual emotional attachment that came with listening to the album though. Many critics

describe the album as messy and lacking direction, I, of course, disagree. I believe he opted for an

emotional order rather than a logical or conventional order. Because The Internet is a journey to

I listened to the album five times trying to figure out just what makes this album the album and it

wasn’t until one night by myself I found my answer. Because The Internet to me feels like

Glover’s New Year. Allow me the next paragraph to bring you up to speed. The New Year

symbolizes the concept of a clean slate or a fresh start. One that makes people want to be better,

or so I’ve heard it said. The New Year for most people has a set date. But with the correct

mindset, a new year can occur at any time. In 2013, Gambino’s New Year occurred December

6th. He knew with the release of this album, he would be on to bigger and better things in his life.

And unfortunately for Mc DJ fangirls like me that meant a career that was not focused on music.

Donald went radio silent on all social media December 10th, 2014 (almost 6 months after the

completion of his Deep Web Tour for the album), but it was recently announced that we will be

hearing from … or rather seeing Donald soon.

I struggled with writing this article at first because I couldn’t, for the life of me, pinpoint what

about this album kept making my heart cry. I searched through old memories for those first five

listens trying to patch a quilt of old emotions together for this article. Until I experienced my

own personal mental new year on Christmas night of 2015. I came to the conclusion that this

album allowed Donald to purge all the emotions and problems of his life at the time. He was

tired of being repressed and misunderstood. He was tired of the judgment and of society’s

expectations of him as a person. Because The Internet served as lyrical documentation for his

emotional progress. He used Because The Internet to inform us that he was no longer The Boy

You ever listened to an album that told you the story of your life before you were ready to

acknowledge it? This is and continues to be Because The Internet for me. When listening, I can’t

just admire his immaculate use of metaphors and ability to work in such perfect harmony with

his producer. I must respect the scars he bears with this album. I have to appreciate his courage

emotional relief and health. [[Prelude]]

and willingness to wait for someone to understand this album. I absolutely cannot overlook the

fact that I am still learning from the lessons of this album. And I am obligated to acknowledge

the emotional and spiritual growth that Donald Glover experienced as his period as Childish

This article arose from the ashes of this simple question asked of me 6 months ago: “What is

your favorite album?” I was instructed to write about my relationship with the music and the

experiences that I relate to that music. After about 15 minutes of thought I had made the decision

that Because The Internet was my favorite album. I had very different reasons for choosing the

album then; but now, as I am preparing to close the college undergrad chapter of my life, I am

able to say that this album accurately articulates the emotional progress that I have made as a

person. With Because The Internet, Gambino warned me that this growth would hurt like hell.

Because The Internet reminds me of the wounds that life can leave. But it also reminds me that I

can make it through those hard times. And this album gives me great joy, because finally, I know

now just why this album makes my heart cry.

Written by Mo’ Betta Brii, who is gettin’ Mo Betta all the time. 12/26/2015

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