Rising Star @BDotADot5 Gets Exclusive Spread In @ESPN Mag

Brandon Armstrong or most notably known as B. Dot (@BDotADot5 on Twitter), has been everywhere over the past few months. From appearing on ESPNs Sports Nation talk show to even booking a running Dunkin’ Doughnuts commercial everyone Monday Night during the football broadcast.   The latest accomplishment from B. Dot, who is Atlanta raised, is a placement in ESPN magazine. His spread includes an in depth article and a plethora of photos depicting B. Dot as popular NBA players.  

B. Dot as Russell Westbrook


B. Dot captures the essence of James Harden, Russell Westbook and Lebron James, just as he did in the many YouTube and social media videos he has released over the past few months. You can check out ALL of B. Dots funny stuff on YouTube or follow his IG and Twitter for daily videos and updates.  

B. Dot as Lebron James