Former RW Star @NickBrownOnline Drops Hot Visuals For Sultry Single “Leave With You”

AFP_1369_copyI was very excited to do this interview with Nick Brown, a very accomplished individual with many talents. I have been a fan of Brown since 2008 when he appeared on the Real World Hollywood as a sane, intelligent and great role model, and it has been crazy to watch him grown within the very tough entertainment industry.

In 2012, Nick Brown started his own music publishing company by the name of Relentless Team Music. As an executive producer and artist for the company, Brown began working on a number of projects, while making his vision come to life.

Brown is now ready to take the music world by storm and plans to do so with his sultry new single entitled “Leave With You” featuring Bryan B.

Bryan B

Bryan B

“Leave With You” tells the tale of Brown meeting a lovely woman at the bar and shows the chronicles of his game to get her to leave with him after the bar is over.

With an urban pop vibe, the song is surely going to be a hit across the airwaves. Earlier this month, Brown dropped the exclusive video for the song on YouTube. The video itself is filled with dance sequences and a plethora of beautiful women. At the end, you can even see Brown getting his two-step on with a very cheerful vibe.

Check out the awesome visuals for the song “Leave With You” right here.

Brown wants to continue to pursue music and has much more planned in the future. Brown, in the past, wanted to have his own talk show, however has been turned off by that idea as of late due to the heavily watering down of content that “means something” and has been replaced by things without substance.

“I can’t see myself having to care about what goes on in others lives, like who they date, etc. more than I care about my own,” said Brown on the topic of pursuing his talk show dreams.

“This music thing is good. I get to express myself in a way that I can control,” said Brown.

You can get the song for yourself here on iTunes

Check out more Nick Brown on Twitter , Facebook and YouTube


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