Deep Roots

Some days are better than others, but in all days we all have an equal chance to grow. We all love days when things are perfect; days when we achieve all our goals, and success just seems to gravitate towards us. Those days are great, but we can not fully develop our roots with good days alone. The bad days are where we truly develop our roots. In bad times, we gain skills such as patience, perseverance, self discipline, hope, and last but not least valuable lessons learned only through failure.

When we go through dark days, weeks, months, sometimes years without quitting,we began to develop deep roots we began to become more, we began to handle more, and things that were once hard for us become easy to conqueror. Let God have his way with you during your hard days let Him finish the work and perfect the greatness that is inside of you. It is in your darkest moments when you truly to began to discover you and what you are capable of.

Know that tough situations come and go but tough people don’t. The choice is yours today. For it is only in your weakness that you will find true strength and gain the life you truly desire.


By Carlos Cody


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