Adult Swim offers new lineup for Toonami

It’s crazy that it’s been years since Cartoon Network’s Toonami, their daily anime block had be canceled.
Last year, Cartoon Network tried to bring it back for a month toto gauge ratings and due to the high demand, it’s back officially!
Beginning at 11:30pm, after Family Guy, check out the schedule for Toonami, which begins next week!

11:30p| Attack on Titan
12:00a| Dragon Ball Z Kai
12:30a| Naruto: Shippuden
1:00a| Inuyasha: The Final Act
1:30a| One Piece
2:00a| Gurren Lagann
2:30a| Deadman Wonderland
3:00a| Bleach
3:30a| Space Dandy
4:00a| Cowboy Bebop (HD)
4:30a| Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig
5:00a| IGPX
5:30a| Samurai Jack


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