Year of Action

Action is defined as the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim, get a thing done, and an act.

I truly believe that this year will be a year of action for you. This is the year to not only say but to do, to not only start, but to finish, and to not only act, but to achieve. All action first begins in the mind. In order to act you have to know what you are going to act on. For this, you must begin with the end goal in mind. Once you know your end goal your mind will begin to show you how to accomplish that end goal and how to get there. Your mind gives you a road map to your definite purpose in life. The key is following your mind with action. The more action you take the more you begin to learn even in your failure you learn how to do something better and what works and what doesn’t work. All you have to do is feed your mind your definite purpose day in and day out and it will begin to conceive ways to achieving that purpose. Start this year out by writing down your end goal rather it is a lifestyle goal, a financial goal, or health goal get it on paper and read it daily. Once you do this ideas will start to come your mind will think of ways to get you there! The next step is to act on these ideas once they begin to come begin acting on it at all cost. You see we learn by doing and we will never have all the answers but we will have answers for the first step to take. As you continue to move forward with boldness and courage you will see that as you take steps forward new information comes that enables you to take the next step and the next step until you have reached your goal. You see God will never put more on you than you can bear that’s why he only gives us a step at a time to act on and as you act on that step He will present you with your next step.

This is your year be bold be courageous and take action!!

The Best Is Yet To Come

By: Carlos Cody


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