Marshawn Lynch: Problem or Solution?

After recently being fined $100,000 by the NFL for not speaking to the media after football games, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has begun a new tactic to avoid fines.

Danny McCray, Marshawn Lynch

Lynch for the last two weeks, has stopped to speak to the media, however has been very short with his answers.

Most recently, after the Seahawks dismantled the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix stadium 35-6, Lynch was the subject of his most annoying shenanigan thus far.

As reporters asked Lynch questions about being sick before the game began, in addition to a question about his 79-yard touchdown run in the game, Lynch offered the same answer: “Thanks for asking”.

Check out the link below for the full (60 seconds) of Lynch responding to reporters questions.

Video: Lynch brushes off media 


Personally as a member of the media, I find it quite annoying that Lynch is unwilling to provide relevant answers in post game interviews. The NFL is Lynch’s employer and in his contract it states that he must speak to media, granted it doesn’t say what he has to say, I feel as if Lynch is being pessimistic and is wasting the time of the media, and his own time.

If you don’t want to speak to the media Lynch, either take the fine, or find a new league to play in. But please stop wasting the media’s time with your antics. You are an amazing football player and the media just wants to know how that makes you feel sometimes.

What do you think? Should Lynch get fined for not speaking to the media? Do you have an issue with his responses?

Let us know in the comments #PTP…..


2 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch: Problem or Solution?

  1. The NFL needs to hire Lynch a media trainer, because he is going to slowly ruin his branding and at some point he won’t be able to fix it. The NFL has enough bad media coverage going on right now to deal with a stubborn player, who doesn’t know how to talk to the media.


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