Magic Formula: Motivation (desire) + Consistency + Discipline = Success

We all love to feel pumped up, we all love to feel inspired, and we all love to feel motivated when going for our goals. But what happens when the motivation is not there, what happens when you don’t feel like pushing any further, and what happens when you feel like quitting? I’m here to tell you today that motivation is good, feeling inspired is great, but you know what is even better than all of those combined??
You see, all of these things get you started in the right direction but they won’t keep you going in the right direction. Self-discipline is what keeps you consistent in your journey. When hard times come, self- discipline will help you stay on course. Without consistency and self-discipline, you won’t grow and you won’t continue pushing forward as soon as things get hard for you. The key is finding a way to stay motivated, especially when things get hard. You must stay disciplined on the path to your dreams and goals.
The key to staying consistent is to get to know who you are. We are all motivated differently and if you can learn how to motivate yourself it will help you continue on the path to achieving your dreams and goals. In order to grow yourself you must know yourself. In order to help you stay consistent here are some personality traits that may help you identify yourself and how you are motivated.
1. Value Finder- if you fit into this group, you are only motivated by what you find value in. If you don’t see the value in it you won’t pursue it. People in this category must stay focused and realize that the small things that they don’t like indeed have value because it is helping you get to your goal.

2. Choice Finder- if you fit this group, you are motivated by being in charge and having your own options. You are not the type of person that will take order from others very well. You are motivated by being the leader. People in this category must be careful not lead to their own destruction but to value others as they may have options that lead to your success.
3. Reward Finder- if you fit this group, you are strictly motivated by the reward and what you can get. This person can achieve goals but only if they can see and achieve a reward for doing so. This group of people must be careful that they are working even if there is no reward. Sometimes there is not a reward just an opportunity to get closer by an opportunity presented that may not have a reward attached to it.

4. Knowledge Finder- if you fit this group, you are motivated simply by growth and learning new things. You are the type of person that continues to learn until you have reached a point of mastery. If you fit into this group you must be careful not to frustrate yourself with being perfect. Instead realize that it takes time to grow and something’s you can’t learn overnight.
Today, learn how to motivate yourself, to stay disciplined, and to take it one day at a time. In order to get to that dream or goal start small and work your way up. Set goals you can achieve to get started and go for bigger ones as you grow. Remember that this is a process and not a race. The key to life is to enjoy the journey and not to be so focused on the destination that you lose your focus for today. So stay motivated, stay consistent, and stay disciplined and watch success unfold before your very eyes.
By Carlos Cody

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