All great Success Starts With Self-Confidence

“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.”
Samuel Johnson

All great success has started with people believing in themselves despite circumstances, other people’s opinions, or fears. In order to get to your dream fulfilled life you must develop self-confidence. Self-confidence as described by Webster is confidence in one’s self, abilities, and power. The reason self-confidence is key in success is simple, you can’t outperform how you feel about yourself. Having low self-confidence puts cap on your potential and stops you from taking action towards the things you desire in life. Today I want to give you steps how to take back control over your life and how to develop self-confidence.
1. You must take responsibility for your life. You are the only one who can do anything about your situation, you are the only one who can fulfill the dreams that you desire, and you are the only one that can stop yourself from achieving your goals. It takes self-confidence to realize that you are the key in your success and that you must take action to begin to developing the skills needed to obtain success. Today take that step to a greater life by taking responsibility and not placing the blame on circumstances, situations, people, or resources.
2. You must guard how your brain thinks about self. By this I mean you must think what you are thinking about literally. The only way to really change your self-confidence is to stop yourself from thinking thoughts of failure, negative thoughts about oneself, and doubt. To guard self-talk you must monitor your mind and stop yourself from talking negative thoughts in your mind. The key is to become your own encourager, supporter, and cheerleader. Start today by waking up having a positive conversation with yourself every morning. Start by telling yourself I AM a positive person, I AM able to do all things to Christ who strengthens me, I AM more than a conqueror. Begin telling yourself these statements daily to really begin seeing yourself in a positive light!
3. Enjoy every victory you have in life no matter how small or big. We must celebrate each action/ step of faith we take in life. This process to your dreams is more about the journey than it is the destination so take time to fully enjoy the ride. When you accomplish anything in the direction of your dreams tell yourself you are much closer than before and tell yourself you are getting closer each day. Your small victories in life each day lead up to your big ones so stay encouraged and celebrate the small stuff!
4. Last but not least STOP LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE AND COMPARING YOURSELF. This one is self-explanatory one thing as people we tend to look at someone else who is in their prime or living their dream. We tend to look at others for where they are at not realizing what they had to do to get there. Your life is your own your life and dream are yours so stay focused on you. Don’t become a person that is always striving to be someone else be yourself! You will only flourish the way that God gifted you and not how he gifted someone else. Be patient your time is coming ad people will be doing the same thing to you when you reach your dreams! Always remember there is someone out there wishing to have the life that you take for granted.
Today begin to wake up talking to yourself in a positive light, go throughout the day building yourself up as you are you own cheerleader and lastly celebrate the small things in life!!!

By: Carlos Cody


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