To Know Thy Self, Is To Grow Thy Self

By:Carlos Cody

We all want to live a life that is filled with passion, a life of purpose, and a life of happiness. Most of the time the only thing that is stopping us from having the life we want is ourselves. As children we have been taught to live life by the books to live life how our parents want us to live it or people we respect. Often times out of the good intentions of others and our parents we have had things placed on our lives that we may not even want nor enjoy. Now that we are at an age where we can take 100% responsibility for our life it is time to remove those limitations placed on us by others and begin to find out who we really are on the inside. If you want to have a purpose driven life, a life of happiness, and a life of passion you must discover YOURSELF and not what others have labeled you. You must take responsibility over your own life and realize that you are in control of your own happiness. Today, start to begin to discover your own gifts, your own passions, and recover your ability to think for yourself. Yes it will be hard, yes others want like it, and yes you may get disapproval from those you respect but in the end it is only your peace of mind and happiness at stake if you don’t.  You see in life there are 3 types of people the 1st person is a person is labeled the confused which means they have no clue to what they should do nor know what they are capable of doing. The 2nd person is the frustrated person they know what they want to do but because of others, limitations, and fear of rejection they don’t act on their passions or dreams. Lastly the 3rd person which is the person I want YOU to be the person who is passionate and fulfilled, this person knows what they want and are actively after with everything they have. If you are not the 3rd person it is ok! But let’s not waste another minute living someone else life are chasing after things that don’t ignite our life! Let start the journey of self-discovery today and I am going to show you how.

First we must find your passion and ignite your life with purpose. But before that you must discover who you are outside of what everyone else has labeled you. The only way to do that is by taking time yes that’s right time to sit down and to ask yourself questions to find out what it is you were put on this earth to do.

Simply Ask yourself what is it that you would like to do, Who you would I like to become, and What you would like to achieve? Now don’t go thinking small on me here think big, think something that is past your current abilities to achieve. The object here is growth your potential will always be at a place that you are not at yet which is ok. Your dreams should cause you to grow into something greater than your current level of abilities. When you ask yourself these question really pay attention to things you enjoy doing and things that give you energy. You will never fulfill your destiny doing work you despise doing or dread. One of the most important things to figure out in your life will be to know yourself and what it is you want to do. Without one or the other you will be left with a frustrated life!  This sounds so simple but most people will never take the time to write this out and make a plan of action to achieve it.

Check out There are several other test out there to take but this will help you breakdown your strength and weakness as a person and help you along to discover yourself.

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