Richard Sherman wins Madden ’15 Cover Vote

Once again, the people at EA Sports gave the fans a chance to pick who they wanted to see grace the cover of Madden 2015. Just a year after the old school vs new school vote rocked the nation and former Lions running back Barry Sanders was selected over current Lion Calvin Johnson to grace the cover, 16 players got the chance to be in running this year.

The winner this year: None other than big mouth cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman.


Sherman beat out Cam Newton in the final round of voting by an outstanding 79,396 votes, essentially pulling in 12% more votes than Newton. A total of 661,412 votes were cast in the final round, with Sherman receiving 56% of the votes (370,390) while Panthers quarterback Cam Newton drew in 44% of votes (291,021), making it his third year in a row to miss the cover.

Other players who made the Top 16 but did not make the final cut include Redskins running back Alfred Morris, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green. Check out all 16 players below.


While I personally despise the fact that Sherman gets the honor of being on the cover of my hands down favorite video game franchise, I am excited to know that the 15 year + Madden Curse has yet to fail thus far. It gives me hope that my Falcons will be the top of the NFC again.

Sorry Cam, maybe next year you can have you shot at history.



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