What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?


September 4th, 2013

CNN confirms that the second autopsy reports on the death of Kendrick Johnson show that this death was no accident.

The results of the autopsy showed that the death was a result of an “unexplained, non- accidental, blunt force trauma”.

This means that contrary to the beliefs of the Valdosta Sheriff Department and original autopsy, that the death was an accident.

This is a MAJOR step in finding Justice for Kendrick Johnson.

The question now is WHO is responsible for the death of 17 year old Kendrick Johnson.

CNN reporter Victor Blackwell reports on this below



May 24th, 2013

CNN reports that the US Department of Justice is filling an IMMEDIATE investigation in what is now finally being called a “murder” and not an accident, as Lowndes County initially reported. There has been evidence reported that Kendrick Johnson was actually BEATEN, and did not ACCIDENTALLY die.

Victor Blackwell from CNN, @VictorCNN, will be meeting with an ex FBI agent to take an IN DEPTH look of this story on Saturday May 25th!

Stay tuned to #PTP and pastthepen.wordpress.com for more #Justice4KJ updates!

So if you haven’t heard the story of Kendrick Johnson by now, you have to be under a rock. 

In January, January 11th to be exact. Kendrick Johnson, a 17 year old African American male was found dead, rolled up in a gym mat, inside the Lowndes County High School Gym.

This leads to many questions…..why are we just finding out about this story? Why did the autopsy just come out last week? Why did Kendrick Johnson “die”?

Well the autopsy came back to show the death was an ACCIDENT as a result of positional asphyxia???? Ok….that could be the end result of the situation but WHY was this young man’s face brutally beaten? Why was he found UPSIDE down in a gym mat?

Luckily for America, there are people who work to bring issues like this to light. Personally living in Atlanta, GA, I would not have heard this story if were not for the efforts of VSU Student and former NAACP President, DeAndre Jones. Also efforts by the current NAACP President Alexis Bell, helped bring this story to my attention, and to the attention of so many others. The PR efforts, ground efforts and high use of social media helped this story capture the attention it needed to draw even in the GBI and FBI.

Even Celebrities have taken to twitter and instagram to spread the word about this story. R&B Singer Monica Brown, Rapper Plies and even Falcons Cornerback Dominique Franks have expressed their concerns about this incident, and even posted info about it to their thousands of followers.

Recently the Valdosta community has come together to bring this story to light and to get #JusticeForKJ! Just on May 4, hundreds of citizens of Valdosta, concerned Valdosta State University students and even members of the Morehouse College NAACP came together for a rally heavily organized by the National Action Network, along with the family of Kendrick Johnson, to continue the fight for not only justice, but also for answers.

The big surprise was a visit from Rev. Al Sharpton at the rally. This bought national attention from the world wide leader in news, CNN. Reporter Victor Blackwell was in Valdosta last weekend , making him the first reporter from a 24 hour news network to cover this story. You can find this story on CNN.com, to catch the feature story on the Kendrick Johnson case (http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2013/05/10/nr-blackwell-kendrick-johnson.cnn.) #CNN

This case is still not resolved, however the family lawyer has made it known that the family may pursue legal action in hopes to find some answer to the death of their son.


Thanks to DeAndre Jones for this EXCLUSIVE Press Release, featuring statements from Kendrick Johnson’s family attorney C.B. King and the National Field Director of the National Action Network, LaMon Bland.

“We are rallying for justice to find the truth in the circumstances leading to the disappearance and the resulting death of Kendrick Johnson. We have identified several inconsistencies in (Lowndes County Sheriff) Sheriff Prine’s investigation and other evidentiary findings, including the GBI’s autopsy report. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ones that have arisen since the release of the GBI’s autopsy report.
1. The autopsy report states that the cause of death was positional asphyxia, which in plain English, is nothing more than suffocation due to being in a certain position. The most common example of positional asphyxia is where a policeman or prison guards holds down a person down in such a way that it causes people to suffocate. So if there were no eyewitnesses to see Kendrick “fall” into a hole in a mat, why did the sheriff dismiss the chance that someone had suffocated Kendrick so quickly?

2. An expert has advised us that the condition and weight of Kendrick’s lungs is inconsistent with someone who was to have been upside down for a period of at least two hours; the amount of time that it would normally take to die from being in that position.

3. Since the reports state that he was trying to retrieve a shoe when he fell down the hole in the mat; if so, why were his shoes not sent to the crime lab for DNA testing? More importantly, why did his clothing go missing before his body arrived at the funeral home? Again, clothing tends to collect trace evidence, such as fibers, DNA and other.

4. If Kendrick’s headphones were damaged, is that not indicative of a possible struggle that he may have had with someone?

5. The blood evidence at the scene of where his body was found shows that someone else’s blood was also present. Equally as odd, the autopsy report does not identify whose blood it is. Question: How can you conclude that this was an accident involving Kendrick getting stuck in a mat and that there was no one else around who could have been responsible for putting him there?
We had previously asked Sheriff Prine for a look at the evidence he supposedly uncovered during his investigation, but we were denied. Then the state of Georgia’s crime lab produced this autopsy report which unbelievably backs up the sheriff’s hastily put together theory. Now, we are calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene and conduct a fresh, thorough and competent investigation….simply because we will not stop until Kendrick Johnson and his family receives justice.”

Wow…….that is deep……

As you can clearly see, #JusticeForKendrickJohnson still has a way to go, however this injustice will not stand.

As activists work to bring #JusticeForKJ, you can help also.

Follow @WhatHappened2KJ on twitter for major updates on this case and to find out more about what YOU can do to help.


What do you think about the Kendrick Johnson Story??? Leave your comments and lets discuss this mysterious case.


8 thoughts on “What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?

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  2. This entire care makes no sense, from what I’ve heard was kj was found upside down in the mats and couldn’t get himself out bc they were surrounded by other mats making it hard to knock over, if he was in that gym alone why would he just be throwing around some piece of clothing into a mat? Idk about anyone else but I know I’ve never been alone in that gym and just throw around my clothing in the middle of a bunch of mats! Someone hurt that boy and I pray everyday his family get the answers they are looking for!


  3. this is so crazy ….idk whyy would anyone wanna do anything like that to his handsome self. i mean kendrick never did anything to anyone unless they bothered him and that rarely happened. this was a murder at school that now has everyone not even wanting to go to lowndes anymore. whoever did this is going to have something in store for them.. i know they cant sleep at night. but my prayers are going out to this family. i pray that you all find justice for Kendrick Johnson.


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  5. Reading this just makes me tear up. Its like that feeling where you’d really like to help but you can’t and it just destroys you on the inside. All the points above are very valid. If all the numbered points above are accurate, that investigation was crappy. There’s a reason for eveything. Those officers saw that blood at the crime scene but there story didnt explain why the blood was there. I just really hope they get their answers.


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