4:06 in Valdosta

Each day is a blessing….challenge yourself to refrain from the hustle of everyday chaos that induces your stress. Worry is the mold that constantly attempts to enter the bread of soulful understanding, providing everything besides the nourishing jewels hidden under the rock of impatience, thus weakening your very consciousness .. but i digress. The challenge remains within the coronary channels that represent your individual bloodstream, exploring any and all boundaries it may pass by.. take heed to these words as you reflect on getting over instead of just gettin by.. at times i cry for my people that have fallen by the wayside, living life on a carousel, trapped in the eternal circle of confusion as the present continues to change, a spirit of the past they remain.. future trials are delusions of grandeur, as being one with the old, few enjoy the risks of the bold generation who feel as tho they have something to prove, just as the young lion cub embarks on his first hunt, as the adolescent eagle receives its first prompt to leave the nest.. it is the nature of survival that when faced with feats unknown, only the strong in mind and heart take the throne of wisdom, as they are the individual in history known to overcome the test.

By: J.C. McGrudder



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