Google Play Releases the “Angry Trayvon” App (-___-)

While the synopsis  of the game, which involves “Trayvon Martin” going on a world tour killing bad guys, seems fun to play, Google may have taken this one a little too far.

trayvon martin

In the heat of the Trayvon Martin trial, this game has been released as a form of entertainment.

Is the game insensitive to the current case going on? Yes, without a doubt. Having an “angry Trayvon” walk around killing people with daggers and guns is disgusting to me.

But by all means, you can check out the game for yourself, or flag and report it as distasteful, your call. The app is free to download and can be found on the “Google Play” store. Here is the link to the game if you want to add your own opinion to google’s comment log.

*Disclaimer* The app was NOT developed by Google, but by ( ).


One thought on “Google Play Releases the “Angry Trayvon” App (-___-)

  1. This is deliberately disrespectful to the life of a young man who lost his life after being racially profiled. I’m appalled and disgusted, and that’s me being moderate in my statement.


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