Rising Atlanta Superstar Baller Goes To Spain

It’s not everyday that you meet a young, talented basketball player like this guy here.

Brandon Armstrong, a product of Chamblee High School in Dekalb County Georgia, is a dynamic Point Guard who can not only shoot and score, but will rebound and very effective with assists.


A graduate of Lincoln Memorial University in  Tennessee, where we played point guard all four years; Armstrong has been playing basketball a majority of his life. You can see the passion the young player has for the game by watching his film. Armstrong has played for the Reno Bighorns, a NBA developmental team based in Reno, Nevada, in addition to a recent stint overseas in Spain in Summer 2013. Check out the highlights from Brandon Armstrong in Spain here to check out the talent of this rising star.

Brandon Armstrong Spain Highlights

What’s next for this young superstar? NBA overseas league? Maybe Armstrong will even play for a foreign league. But I know for certain, whatever path Brandon Armstrong takes, will be one more step towards a contract with a NBA team in his future.


If you want to see more game film from Armstrong, find the link below. Career Highlights You can also follow him on twitter at @BDotADot5



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