Brooklyn Nets have a New Head Coach

Less than a week after annoucing his retirement, former NBA co-rookie of the year, Jason Kidd, will now become the newest NBA head coach.

Brian Shaw, another canidate for the job, has been told that he will not be receiving the job according the ESPN.

Though Shaw had been targeted by the Nets for a while, Jason Kidd was able to convince the Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov & his advisers, that he was ready to begin his career as a NBA head coach. Kidd has no prior coaching experience.

Kidd will be helped out by former Nets and Detroit Pistons head coach Lawrence Frank, as a coaching assistant, to help Kidd out with the role of being a head coach.

The Nets did not keep stand in head coach P.J. Carlesimo after he he took the Nets 35-19 once Avery Johnson was fired. The Nets were kicked out the playoffs by the Chicago Bulls in the first round.

Let’s hope Jason Kidd, and this major risk by the Nets, is a good one! What are your thoughts #PTP?


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