Chad Johnson Arrested; Judge Fed Up

In another episode of “Dumb Moves By Ocho Cinco”, Free Agent NFL Wide-Receiver, Chad Johnson was arrested today.


Johnson was in court this morning for his probation violation hearing ( ) and sadly for Ocho Cinco, things did not go in his favor. 

The judge and Johnson’s attorney had worked out a plea deal, which did not include jail time for the football player, who has desperately been trying to make his return to a NFL team. 

During court, Johnson playfully slapped his attorney, who happens to be a man, on the butt. In the football locker room, or even on the field, this is a perfectly harmless gesture that most football players and coaches do when someone does a good job.

Unfortunately for Chad Johnson, the Florida judge was not amused. As a matter of fact, when the incident happened, the court room erupted with laughter and infuriated the judge, who then kicked Johnson out the court room. 

Shortly after that, Johnson was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating his probation last month and the original plea deal was thrown out.

You can check out the video of the court room action right here, courtesy of TMZ 

Seems like Johnson will be putting his NFL career on hold once more. Will any team want him now? Did teams even want him before? Share your thoughts! #PTP 




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