Poetry Prose: Dreams

As you lay entranced in your minds playground be wary of the darkness that surrounds your unconscious state, for many use darkness as an escape to realms unknown and use anti reality as counterweight to skies that have never been flown. Take pride in the shadows of your own thoughts  and embrace the roots to your tree of understanding so that one day you will come to revelation of being; give your life an entirely different meaning, become the architect of inspiration,  the archetype of perfection in its most infant stage, display the role that many in this age are either too stubborn or afraid to go. Be so profound in your nights journey that when heavens light resounds on your physical being in time passing you are indeed reluctant to return. Maybe the status quo prompts the weak of heart to conform to a lifestyle that they will always know, and to that i say.. you wont go. You wont rely solely on the boundaries set on the plate of regularity so indeed you will hunger, but not of the sounds, sights, and scenarios flashing in front of you as if I’m in a permanent pose for the movie called life. Indeed you will hunger, but not of the superficial flaws and gossip driven cars that ride on the road of comfortless satisfaction. Instead you choose to eagerly embrace the sting of such beasts that have come to be known as ambition, personality, and originality and with those as your bedfellows you reach heights farther .. higher.. more intimately appealing than any Everest can attain. It is true that though your destiny has already been preordained the gift ultimately lies in the progression and not the pain.. and so a wanderer you remain, for every yin a yang, for every child a game is played in silent determination always in the deepest shadows of the brain that will forever be ready to reappear when prosperous circumstance is near .. a perfect sense of peace as if the songbird waits instead for you to sing.. this is what happens when you dream..


By: J.C. McGruder ( @Maniac_McGruda )


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