Fade to 6lack: Rebel on the Rise

I got to spend some time with indie artist 6lack last week.
Not only was I able to sit down with 6lack himself, but I even had the pleasure of seeing him perform live.


“An experimental artist, constantly evolving and filled with passion” as 6lack describes himself. 6lack was very quick to let me know that he was more than just a rapper. He likes to be called an artist, because he does so much more than just rap. “If all I did was rap, then a rapper is what I would be. But artist is better because it covers the many things that I do.”

6lack is a part of the group Team Phlyte. Team Phlyte originally was a skate team and clothing line, but quickly evolved into something much bigger. Team Phlyte now is not only the name of a group, but a string of businesses that include solo artist, fashion designers, street team promotion, skaters and other endeavors.


6lack actually joined Team Phlyte in 2009, when he was a junior in high school. After hearing 6lack freestyle, Team Phlyte knew that there was something special with him. From there, they began a rap group under the same name.

Team Phlyte just recently released a mixtape entitled “Filthy Iconz” under their indie label, International Music Group (IMG). The concept behind this mixtape was to take things that [our] generation likes the most, like partying and [drugs], and present music, with real scenarios behind these things. 6lack let me know that some of the songs that really embraced this concept were left off the tape, for example “The Realization”. The song “Technically Blind” is one of the songs of the Filthy Iconz mixtape however that does embody that concept.

6lack’s favorite song off the “Filthy Iconz” mixtape is entitled “May Day”.

“When I made the song, I was just getting out of a relationship and the song was about my situation at the time; like a venting song for me personally.”

One of the hottest songs released from Team Phlyte before the mixtape dropped was a banger called “Molly Cyrus”. After looking over the “Filthy Iconz” mixtape, I peeped this song didn’t make the final cut. So of course I had to find out why.
You can “Thank Rick Ross for that”, 6lack said, referring to the drama involved in Ross’ controversial lyrics in the song “U.O.E.N.O”. Personally, 6lack feels like music is a form of free expression, so putting the song on the tape wasn’t [that big of a deal] for him. But overall, the group didn’t want that kind of trouble.

Team Phlyte has music on MTV.com and is gaining exposure nationwide. “I love MTV”, said 6lack “They are grounded and they love new artists. I am thankful for the opportunity and the relationship between us [Team Phlyte] will continue to grow.” The group most recently performed during the NCAA Final Four weekend in Atlanta, GA.

As I got to take a closer look inside the mind of 6lack, I learned that he loves art and drawing. In addition to art, 6lack is a sports fan, loving football and basketball. He is a Los Angeles Lakers fan and a Baltimore Ravens fan. “I love basketball, mainly because of Kobe Bryant. He is an amazing player and athlete, said 6lack. His fashion sense is very unique to his name; he wears a lot of black. He seldom wears flashy colors but is known for rocking gold accessories like his [trademark] gold hoop earrings and gold grill.

He is currently working on Team Phlyte’s second project and plans on shooting a music video within the coming month.

Lastly I asked who he would make a song with if he could choose anyone in the industry. 6lack shared with me that he would make a song with Andre 3000 about staying low key, and keeping your life private. He also would love to make a song with Erykah Badu about love, because he loves her. As for independent artists, 6lack would love to make music with Bianca Leonor, Miloh Smith, and Jhene Aiko.

6lack left these words for his fans: “I love you all, that is first. Remember, nothing comes easy, but everything comes in time”.

Check out the performance I got to see 6lack do LIVE at the “Green Room” in Atlanta, GA, here http://youtu.be/d9gX6AJv9gI


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