For The Love of Cruz……Victor Cruz to have his own Reality Series

Seems like the New York Giants have a little more to worry about this offseason, besides signing star wideouts Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.

A report from the New York Daily News has revealed that Victor Cruz, who is now under the management of Roc Nation Sports, is set to make a reality show this summer.


What will the show be about you ask? Well let’s see what exactly Cruz told the NY Daily News: “It is going to be something that is very unique to me and very unique to what I like, and like to do,” Cruz said. “We are still fielding some requests, so we will see how it goes — the timing has to be right, and I have got to squeeze in some training in there before the season starts.”

Victor Cruz will plan to show his daily life of football, modeling and all other kinds of huge things that I am sure will be epic, especially since Cruz hangs with the mogul himself, Jay-Z amongst other top celebrities. Hopefully the show will be able show his journey to receive a new contract with the Giants and also chronicle the season, whether good or bad.


Cruz went on to say that he wants it to be his own show, something that he can help produce and contribute artistically to.

UPDATE: After giving an interview to a New York news-source, Cruz tweeted a tweet that stated that he DOES NOT have plans for a show………which is CRAZY because he just told the NY Daily News earlier that morning about the show, coming from his own mouth.

What do you think about viewing the life of wide receiver Victor Cruz? Is this show a fake or is it really going to happen? Discuss with us here at #PTP!


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