Diddy “Pours Up” A New Drink

I can’t imagine how life would be without the founding of Ciroc vodka! I love the smooth taste and the sleek bottle design. 

For those who love Ciroc though, Diddy has revealed a new flavor to his already successful line of Vodka: Amaretto.


Im wondering exactly how it will taste, because normally in drinks, Amaretto is paired with a Sour mix to make it the yummy drink it is. But I am curious to try it when it hits the stores this summer! 


3 thoughts on “Diddy “Pours Up” A New Drink

  1. Someone on my Twitter TL mentioned that if you’re a knowledgeable alcohol consumer, you should know that mixing Amaretto and Vodka is not the best move. I’m not that knowledgeable, so I’ve gotta say I’m looking forward to tasting it.


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