Former NBA Player on Life Support

Before I begin, big ups to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the breaking news.

Sadly today, Former NBA player, Mookie Blaylock, is now on life support at the Atlanta Medical Center (AMC). Blaylock was one of 3 people involved in a nasty car crash in Clayton County earlier today (Friday).

According to the AJC, Blaylock began driving northbound on Tara Blvd in Clayton County, when for a reason not yet released, crossed the median into the southbound traffic and was stuck head on by a passing vehicle. One vehicle then burst into flames. Once the medical staff arrived, Blaylock and one other victim, were airlifted to AMC. There were 2 people in the car that Blaylock hit, and while both were injured, only one is in critical condition, in addition to Blaylock at AMC. The police have not released the victims names at this time.

Mookie Blaylock, whose real name is Daron Blaylock, is currently on life support and has been reported non-responsive. Blaylock is 46 years old and played 13 in the NBA, most notably for the Atlanta Hawks from ’92 to ’99.


Our prayers go up to Mr. Blaylock as we wish him, and the other victims a speedy recovery.

Stay tuned to more updates, right here on #PTP!


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