The Thirst Chronicles: The Honey Badger Strikes Again

Well ladies, for those of you who define “cheating” as anything….especially talking to other people while you’re talking to a guy……this one is for you.

Former LSU Cornerback and currently a NFL cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals, Tyrann Mathieu ( ) was recently caught up on twitter…….by the art of the SCREEN SHOT!

honey 1

So Mr. Mathieu hits up a 17 year old named Ashley on twitter the other day. The messages weren’t anything too bad, in my opinion though. However for Mathieu shouldn’t be talking to chicks other than his GORGEOUS girlfriend Sydni, who is a cheerleader for the New Orleans Pelicans. Who also said the Honey Badger could never cheat on her, because she was always with him. ( )


So basically, as you can see, he asks this 17 year old, when she turns 18? Why though man? The thirst has to be real because Mathieu has a gorgeous girlfriend and he is really… the DM’s of an UNDERAGE girl.

Do better “Honey Badger”, you can’t keep going after these young Honey Dips!

Share your thoughts!? Do you think DM’ing someone on Twitter is cheating?


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