Talk That Talk….Amanda Bynes Pops Off On…..Rihanna???

Amanda Bynes has been the news lately, most recently for being arrested for ( ).

But today we get to talk about how crazy Bynes Twitter account has been!

Bynes has stepped waaaaay out of line and attacked my girl Rihanna. Everyone knows that Rihanna is a firecracker on Social Media, most recently going AWF on a fan about this ( ). 


Now to be clear, Rihanna did not start this battle on twitter. It began when a clearly messed up Bynes tweeted a series of defamatory tweets about singer Rihanna and even a mention to Chris Brown. Check out the tweets below:

1. From Bynes ——->  “@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.”

#2 from Bynes ——-> “@rihanna No one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother.”

And of course, Rihanna had to lash back in the form of a subtweet —–> “Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?”

And then #3 from Bynes —–>  “@rihanna Unlike your fugly faced self I don’t do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met your ugly face in person. U aren’t pretty u know know!”


Wow. I’ve always wondered why these celebrities take many shots at one another, but I am always amused when I come across things like this! 

Bynes deleted her tweets to Rihanna but of course the UK Pop Princess Rihanna left hers up there, to show the world that you don’t mess with her, or the #Navy! 

Share your thoughts? Does Amanda Bynes need serious rehab? Who will Rihanna snap on next? 


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