Star Jaguars Football Player Knocks OUT a Security Guard

Before I begin, shout out to TMZ for the heads up on the story.

Anyway, one of the ONLY players that actually have a name on the Jacksonville Jaguars, running back Maurice Jones-Drew (aka MJD), has been arrested for battery.

#UPDATE (May 28, 2013 8:21pm) The Ft. Lauderdale police spokesmen, along with Jones-Drew’s agent, have stated that charges have NOT been pressed on Jones-Drew at this time.


Here is how it went down. Jones-Drew was at “Reggae Sundays” at the Conch House in St. Augustine, Florida. The security guard allegedly told one of MJD’s  friends to stop touching a female, and a fight broke out. MJD then proceeded to allegedly punch the security guard in the cheek with a closed fist, knocked the guard out. Seems like he just gave a new meaning to “one hitter quitter”.

Doctors later found out that the security guard had contusions and a bruised jaw bone, but nothing was broken.

What is in store for the running back tho? After a season riddled with injuries, and a new GM, will MJD survive his latest troubles and stay on the roster? Share your thoughts!


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