Rap Mogul Jay-Z Under Investigation…..

Well Well Well, its seems like HOV can’t keep his nose clean lately. It is now a little under two months after the US Treasury Department began and investigation of Jay, for a trip to Cuba that he and his wife, Beyonce took.

Now it seems that the NFL Players Association want to know some things about Jay-Z and his involvement in signing Geno Smith, second round draft pick of the New York Jets to Roc Nation Sports.


QB Geno Smith made all the major news sites when he let go of his agent due to him being the 39th pick in the draft. Smith was ranked the #1 QB on most mock draft boards, and when the Bills picked former Florida State QB at number 16 overall.

Last week Smith told the media that he signed with Roc Nation Sports where he will be managed by Kimberly Miale.

Geno Smith tried to make it clear that Jay Z himself, had nothing to do with his decision to sign to Roc Nation, but the NFLPA decided to investigate after finding a photo of Geno and Jigga together kicking it, around the time Smith signed.

Now I know your wondering “What’s the Big Deal”? Well, the actual NFLPA investigation will take a look into whether or not Jay-Z’s involvement in the signing, violated the “runner rule,” which was implemented in the NFL April 2012.

The “runner rule” makes it clear that NOBODY without the appropriate credentials (which are called “runners”) can be involved in signing or recruiting agents.
Apparently…..Jay-Z does not have those credentials. However if found out that it was strictly a signing by the manager Kimberly, then Jay would be off the hook.

Roc Nation sports has already signed New York Yankees player Robinson Canó, WNBA baller Skylar Diggins and NFL Wide Receiver Victor Cruz. The agency has only been around for about a month.

Let’s see how Jay-Z gets out of this one. Share your thoughts!


One thought on “Rap Mogul Jay-Z Under Investigation…..

  1. I think they are trying to attack him. They don’t want a black man taking all the best athletes, taking all the money from them. But he needs to stay in his lane and know the rules if he’s venturing into this business. he shouldn’t give anybody a reason to talk about him doing bad business.


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