Tyrann Mathieu Gets A Taste of the “Honey”

The “Honey Badger”, a nickname former LSU Cornerback and Return Specialist Tyrann Mathieu used to gladly hone, recently told NFL Network that he didn’t want to be called that name anymore. 


“I don’t have anything against the ‘Honey Badger, It’s just that ‘Honey Badger’ happened at such a dark time in my life. If the little kids out there want to call me the Honey Badger, they can do that,” said Mathieu. 

This “dark time” in Mathieu’s life revolves around him being kicked off the LSU football team in 2012 for marijuana related charges. 

Well now the Arizona Cardinals have signed Mathieu, a 3rd round draft pick, to a 4 year contract. The contract is for 3 million dollars, with a $662, 500.00 signing bonus, to be spread across the four year contract. 


But wait….there is a special clause in his contract that will cancel out all the money Mathieu is guaranteed to make: He cannot fail a drug test. 

Originally the Cardinals were going to drug test Mathieu once a week. However, Mathieu took an extra step to ensure he gets his money. He joined the NFL Drug Program, which tests athletes up to TEN times a month. 


I honestly am proud of Mathieu at his willingness to work on his little “marijuana” issue. I wish @Mathieu_Era the best with the Cardinals. Just know that Week 8, the Falcons are coming and you SHOULD be scared of Julio Jones…..that is all! 



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