Movie Review: “Attack the Block” ; Thank You UK!

The other day I was hanging with my brother @__Talley__ and he told me I had to watch this movie. Of course I love watching films so I told him to go ahead and play it. The movie is called  “Attack the Block”. 


At first I was skeptical about watching it, because I saw that it was set in “The Ends” of South London. But I decided to give it a shot. And I must say…..this…….was EPIC! Here’s a quick little summary:

In South London, there is a crew of teenagers who wreck havok on the town. Led by Moses (ironic right?), the crew embarks on a wild sci-fi mission to save “The Block”. 

The movie itself has a high production value and won many awards in the UK. The plot is amazing and the journey and growth of Moses is remarkable. I can’t give too much away because I refuse to ruin this movie for you! =)

Here’s a link to the movie….. use with caution. The movie is about and hour and 20 minutes filled of action, suspense and an epic ending. Check it out, and you’ll know why I love it so much! 



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