It’s Time For “Aaaaassssk Ashley” – Amanda Bynes Gone Wild!

Now its time for “Aaasssk Sammy”. 

This letter comes from my good friend, Amanda. 

“Hi Sammy,

   This is Amanda. I just want to know why I smoke so much weed? Like I can’t stop. Sometimes, when I do smoke weed, I do other drugs too! I loooove drugs. Oh yeah, and when Im on drugs, I tell Drake how much I want him to tear up my…’ve heard that story before thought! Well, Toodles for now. I hope you can help me find out why I smoke so much. Oh and why I look worse than a Cabbage Patch kid doll. K Thanks, Bye! “

Well before I go in on Amanda Bynes, in typical “Ask Ashley” fashion……let’s take a look at when I loved her the most, on Nick’s “All That”.

Well, It seems that police in Manhattan, NY have arrested actress Amanda Bynes. 


For what you ask? For throwing a Marijuana bong out the window…… some might ask, WHY would you throw out…..a bong? I know I wouldn’t treat such a thing so foul, but I digress. 

The police reported that building manager complained that Bynes basically said “I run this” and was caught smoking marijuana and rolling a joint in the lobby.

Check out this video of the actually arrest. 

Bynes was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and criminal possession of marijuana.

E! News posted these EXCLUSIVE photos of Bynes, in handcuffs, which can be seen here.

Amanda Bynes, who is 27 years old, has been released from jail and awaits trail. 

Now, I thought about going in on my “Ask Sammy” friend Amanda…..but seeing that she’s been arrested and all…..all I have to say to her is ……get better, stop doing so many drugs, and make another movie! That’s all the time for now, see you next time on “Ask Sammy”. #PTP

What do you think about Ms. Amanda Bynes being arrested? Share your thoughts! 


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