Lap Dances, Lip Syncs and Leg Drops…….Oh My!

So everyone (according to twitter) saw the Billboard Awards last night.

First off, shoutout to Taylor Swift and her 3.7 million-selling “Red” album for winning home eight awards. That is ALL ima say about her.

Meanwhile, my girl Rihanna ruled the R&B categories taking home four awards. Rihanna won the R&B artist of the year, album and song categories, plus Radio Song Airplay Artist of the Year. Everyone should be able to agree with that, knowing that anytime you turn on ANY station, you can hear songs from Diamonds, Stay and Nobody’s Business to Pour it Up and Loveeee Song. She always has a song on someone’s station. While she wasn’t physically at the show (in TRUE Beyonce fashion), she still was a winner and that is what counts.

Other winners included Nicki Minaj, who took home three awards, including ones for RAP ARTIST and RAP ALBUM of the Year???? #pause No shade to Nicki Minaj but EVERYONE knows that “Roman Reloaded” was not a rap album! It had about 9 true rap songs and about 15 pop songs, but hey, she won.

One Direction won three each while Justin Bieber won two awards apiece.

The Milestone Award, was voted on by fans and was awarded to Justin Bieber, who paused for about 10 seconds before speaking his mind about the boo’s that greeted him as he accepted the award. “I’m 19 years old, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job,” he said before thanking his family, fans and Jesus Christ. “It should be about the music, about the craft. This is not a gimmick. I should be taken seriously.”

The three-hour show came on ABC and featured 16 performances.

Prince came out an performed a medley of his classic “Let’s Go Crazy,” Edgar Winter’s instrumental “Frankenstein” and “Fix Ur Life Up”. He recieved the Icon Award, for a career that included 10 platinum albums and 30 Top 40 singles. That is EPIC.

We got to see Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull perform “Live It Up” for the 3rd time that week, not to mention the excessive commercial that kept playing with the same song in it. Then Pitbull got some more shine as he hit the stage with Christina Aguilera.  


Bruno Mars and his band was the opener performing his new single “Treasure.”  Bruno Performance

Of course my man Chris Brown performed his new single “Fine China.” While the performance got mixed reviews from twitter, I personally thought it was pretty good. Of course the vocals could have been better, but if you actually listen to the original “Fine China”, you could already know that Breezy would have vocal issues performing the song while dancing also. Still #TeamBreezy for life, but those vocals are in serious need of improvement my guy!

Fine China Performance

Nicki Minaj performed her song with Lil Wayne called “High School”. The performance was nothing less than steamy, with Nicki coming out looking like a sexy female MC ready to spit hot fire at first, she turned into her feminine side as she game Lil Wayne one of the sexiest lap dances since the Destiny’s Child BET Awards Lap Dance, yeaaaa you know which one I speak of!

Nicki Minaj and that Booty

Miguel had this to say about the incident, “The crazy thing is, when you’re performing and you’re just kind of into it, you never know where it’s gonna go and where you’re gonna go with it,” said Miguel. “And how that might turn out. So this is one of the less favorable moments.”

Guetta, who won in the new category of EDM artist and performed with Akon and Ne-Yo. Now……Ne-Yo has been having a string of BAD live performances lately, including the NBA All Star Game, and the awards was nothing different. When Akon sounds better live than you do, it’s time to have a seat Ne-YO!

Last but not least, Miguel performed “Adorn”. The performance was ok, as he usually is, however his set ended pretty horribly I guess when he landed on not ONE, but TWO fans while attempting to jump across the audience. Sir, you know you are not Superman! Lol

Miguel Hulk Hogan Leg Drop


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