Everyone Loves Hip Hop………..Episode 5

Well Hip-Hop fans! It’s that time again! Let’s see what the crazy women of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta are up to this week.

First off we see the newbies, Traci Steele and DJ Babey Drew. Last week, Drew and Traci got into a huge argument over relationships and money. This week, Drew calls Traci to a bar to lay down some new “rules” to make sure their friendship works out. Traci begins crying because she said she’s never loved someone as much as Drew. After Drew makes sure Traci knows that they haven’t been together in 7 years, he finally tells her the real reason why she got called there: For the store money! Traci decides that its best they keep business separate from personal and so she agrees to come to the store at another time to talk business.


The new man that Mimi has been talking about finally was revealed this week. The man’s name is Nikko, and he has been in Mimi’s life for 13 years apparently and he clearly makes her much happier than Stevie. Mimi invited her girls K. Michelle, Erica and Arianne out for the night to introduce them to her new man. While meeting up, Erica decides to show the girls that she was without her engagement ring which led to a shocking discovery that she had ended her relationship with Scrappy.

Karlie Redd and Benzino meet up to finally discuss this whole fiasco that included them allegedly watching a video of Joseline “doing” herself. As Benzino continues to deny that they did such a thing, Karlie Redd gets mad and throws something at Benzino and storms off. Benzino really wasn’t even concerned with her though.

This week, Kirk sits down with his wife Rasheeda, to bring her a new idea. He wants her to make a diss record with Karlie Redd, about K. Michelle. WOW! How could Kirk really want to do that? But Rasheeda wasn’t feeling the idea, and actually went off on Kirk for not supporting her movement of her online business “Im Bossy” .com, to a physical store in Atlanta. To make matters worse, Rasheeda and Erica get together to talk and Rasheeda drops the biggest bomb of the season: SHE IS PREGNANT!


K. Michelle is just too much me tonight though. Her only major scene included her discussing ways to “bedazzle” her …..errrr…..area….to attract more men. I have so much to say about her CRAZY behind, that I might just save it for later. Oh by the way, K. Michelle has OFFICIALLY moved to NYC now and has a new single called “V.S.O.P”…….OF COURSE the title has liquor in it! Lmao. But you can get it here if you want atlr.ec/kmvsop .

Lastly, Stevie J is the biggest player ALIVE right now. He opens up celebrating his one year anniversary seeing Joseline at a steamy hotel. She asks him if he loves her, and he replies “I love you like a fat girl love cake”. LMAO. Then we see him in the studio, with an old artist that is trying to come back to work under him. However this new chick, who looks like a broke down version of Joseline, decides to act CRAZY at Harlem Nights, trying to meet Joseline. Ms. Hernadez was not having that and basically said “I don’t talk to the help”. She is crazy! Lastly we visit Stevie J and Joseline and Karlie Redd. Joseline and Karlie confront each other about the whole Benzino situation and the scene ends in a fight.


What will happen next week? Guess we will have to find out next week.



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