N. Korea Fires Missiles…..Houston, do we have a problem?

According to CNN.com, North Korea has OFFICALLY  launched, not one, but THREE short-range guided missiles into the ocean off the countries east coast earlier TODAY! 

A South Korean news agency called Yonhap lends this quote from the South Korean Defense Ministry.


 “The ministry said it had detected two launches in the morning, followed by another in the afternoon.

The missiles were fired in a northeasterly direction, away from South Korean waters” the ministry said.

 If you did not know, South Korea has started upgrading their monitoring on North Korea and is keeping an eye out for any need to retaliate and is more than prepared for that, if it happens. 

Thanks to the Arms Control Association (U.S.-based organization), a short-range guided missile are those that only travel less than 1,000 kilometers (about 620 miles). 

Just in March U.S. and South Korean officials feared that Kim Jong Un’s regime was planning to test launch long-range ballistic missiles (BIG, DANGEROUS ONES). But the tension had died down since then.

 S. Korean officials aren’t too worried about the missiles that launched today though.

 What do you think? Should we be scared that N. Korea launched missiles? Discuss with us at #PTP! 


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