J.R. Smith “Sprays” Back at Rihanna

Well of course you have heard by now that Rihanna got a little “spicy” on Instagram the other day, calling J.R. Smith a “desert thirsty ni**a” and blaming his bad play for the New York Knicks on hangovers from the club.

Image Sm

Well, J. R. Smith isn’t having any more of RiRi and her smack talk.

“I’m not worried about Instagram comments,” the shooting guard told ESPN in an interview after the Knicks won Thursday night.

But that didn’t stop him from throwing shade towards the sexy songstress. Click the link to see just what J.R. put.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has been in New York, filming her new  Budweiser commercial and was spotted out at the club with J.R earlier this week, which started this whole fiasco.

What’s next in this little drama……im sure Rihanna isn’t going to let J.R. get the last word? 


3 thoughts on “J.R. Smith “Sprays” Back at Rihanna

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