Fresh Off The Runway! Rihanna has a new hustle!

Ya’ll…….Rihanna is up to her antics again……#pause, I’m joking, this is actually EXCITING news.


The Billboard Queen is bringing her talents to…….Fashion? RiRi is planning to produce a fashion-based reality show to be featured on the Style Network. The show is scheduled to premier in the Fall quarter.

But the even bigger news is that the show will have a co-host!


Mr. Pharrell “The Neptunes” Williams.

The show will be called “Styled to Rock” and will have 10 episodes. “Styled to Rock”  will showcase Rihanna and Pharrell on the hunt for the next upcoming celebrity fashion designer.


“We are delighted to have Pharrell, who is a driving force in both the music industry and fashion world, serve as a mentor on Styled to Rock,” said Salaam Coleman Smith, President of Style Media. “Pharrell’s unique aesthetic and commitment to individuality combined with Rihanna’s vision for this series will enable our aspiring designers to hone their craft and learn from the very people who set the trends.”

I don’t know about you, but I am very happy to hear some GOOD news from one of my favorite singers in the game right now!

Can’t wait to watch! 


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