Bobby Drake, Meet the REAL Ice Man!

May 17th is a very special day!

What day is it you ask? Well today is Atlanta Falcons’ Quarterback Matt Ryan birthday!


So to celebrate, I have decided to count down the Top 5 plays of Matt Ryan’s NFL career!

Let’s get it started……

#5 Matt Ryan’s FIRST NFL Pass

In 2008, nobody expected much of Matt Ryan. He had a new coach, he was a rookie, and the Falcons were coming off one of their worst seasons in Franchise history. But that didn’t detour rookie QB Matt Ryan from completing his very first NFL pass. Not only does he complete the pass, but it actually becomes a 60 + yard touchdown pass to WR Michael Jenkins. Check it out:

#4 Ball So Hard, His Ankles Hurt

In January 2013, the Falcons sought out to achieve their first playoff win in the 5 year Matt Ryan/Mike Smith era. Well if you think Richard Sherman is the top cornerback in the league still after this play, you have to be schleeeeeeeeep! Watch as Matty Ice throws a magnificent TD strike to Roddy White in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Check it out:

#3 Win in 6 seconds? I got this!

Well Well Well, look at what rookies can do! With the game seemingly out of the Falcons reach, Matty Ice shows us why he won Rookie of the Year. The Bears were up 20 to 19 with 6 seconds left. Matt takes the snap and finds Michael Jenkins on the sideline for an impossible catch that left 1 second on the clock for the Falcons to win with a field goal. Check it out here:

#2 It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane…’s Another Game Winning Drive!

Picture this. The undefeated Falcons are down a field goal, with 52 seconds left on the clock. Normally that is very feasible to reach field goal range in that amount of time. But with a starting field position of the 1 yard line, Falcons fans felt the undefeated season going downhill, and not to just anyone, but division rivals Carolina Panthers AT home.

Suddenly Matty Ice shows everyone once again why you can never count him out a game. Watch this game winning drive from the Falcons 2012 season. Check it out:

#1 Hot Potato 1, Hot Potato 2, TOUCHDOWN!

While some may argue that this is nowhere near Matt Ryan’s best throw of his career, love MUST be shown to future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzales for this AMAZING touchdown catch against the Philadelphia Eagle. Having Roddy White and Julio Jones as receivers is great, but the ability of Matt and Tony G to connect on this catch, with pressure all in his face………just amazing… done talking….just watch it here: 

So once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT RYAN! You deserve to have a drink or two, because you sir…..are one CLUTCH glass of ICE!

 What do YOU think is Matt Ryan’s best play since joining the league in 2008? Discuss here. 


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