American Idol Judge(s) Call It Quits…..

After 12 seasons on American Idol, the last of the original judges, that used to include Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, has officially retired.


Randy Jackson, 56, has called it quits on the long running vocal talent contest.


In addition to American Idol, Randy Jackson also was the mastermind behind MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

He hasn’t said what he will be doing next, but I am sure Mr. Jackson didn’t call it quits without a backup plan.

But here is what makes this even more interesting! Another judge has reportedly called it quits after her first season.

Entertainer Nicki Minaj apparently decided she wants out of American Idol too. I guess the constant bickering between her and co-judge Mariah Carey became too much for the rapper. However rumors were circulating around that Minaj would be fired anyway due to lack of viewer likability.


Now all we can do is see what Season 13 of American Idol has in store for us, and what new judges will come. 


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