The Weird World of the NFL

Well if you did not know, I am an avid fan of the NFL.

Let’s take a look inside the world of the National Football League today:

Comedy Central

Seattle Seahawks’ very loquacious Cornerback, Richard Sherman, is always filled with “laughter” and “trash talk” some might say. This time, he adds a new spin to “comedy”.


Comedy….Trash Talking CB Richard Sherman falls down while covering Falcons WR Roddy White on a playoff TD score!

If you don’t remember the famous “Fail Mary” play from Week 3 of the 2012 football season, here is a flashback for you ( ).

Whether Golden Tate REALLY caught that TD pass to beat the Packers is still questionable, however the famous replacement referee who called the TD, Lance Easley, will forever go down in history as “THE replacement ref” that got the REAL NFL referees back in the game.

So here is where Sherman comes in. On July 7th in Seattle, Richard Sherman is hosting a celebrity softball game. In a funny twist, he has hired Lance Easley to be the umpire for the softball game. If Richard Sherman doesn’t love a gimmick, then I don’t know who does. Of course I would love to see if the replacement football referee can adjust to the rules of baseball, but let us hope he does a better job at calling baseball, than he did calling the fraudulent touchdown pass that made Golden Tate famous.


Gang Green Loses a Veteran General

The New York Jets have been poised for an epic battle this offseason at Quarterback. After finishing the season 6-10, and 3rd place in a very tough AFC East division, the Jet’s brought had a total of 6 QBs after the draft ended!

So today, the sad news is that veteran QB, David Garrard, who once led the Jacksonville Jaguars on a playoff run, announced his official retirement. 

“Having to call it quits,” Garrard said through text to’s Adam Schein. “My knee is not holding up. Continuing to swell after practices.”

It is very sad that Garrard had to bow out this competition. Anyone who knows football knows that Jets backup QB Mark Sanchez hasn’t even been worth a 7th round draft pick in the last two years, let alone the 13 million dollars the Jets owe him this upcoming season. Garrard may not have won the starting job, but he was most certainly an option to make the roster.

Garrard began training camp in Miami last season, and appeared on Hard Knocks on HBO with the team, as the #1 QB on the Dolphins’ depth chart. However he was shown getting cut due to a knee surgery.

David Garrard took his last official snap in the NFL in 2010. He plans to return to the Jaguars to retire with the team that most people know him for.

This leaves QB Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy and Matt Simms competing for the “wide-open” #1 spot at QB.

Call me crazy, but my money is on GENO SMITH to pull the New York Jets out of the mediocrity they have become in the last two years. 


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