Everyone Loves Hip-Hop……Recap of Love & Hip Hop Episode 4

What would TV be without Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta?


I love this show not because of the drama, but because of the characters they have found to constantly entertain week after week.


So let me start of by saying this, Joseline is a gold mine and Stevie J needs to realize what’s in front of him and stop messing up. Basically this week, Joseline falls for Stevie J’s slick pimp tongue again and gets back in bed with him. As you know, last week, Joseline and the notorious Karlie Redd had a chit chat where Karlie revealed to Joseline that Benzino has been saying that he smashed Joseline. Well we all know Ms. Joseline wasn’t having that so her and Stevie meet up with Benzino in a parking garage to iron things out. Sadly they can’t work things out and we see Stevie and Benzino’s “bromance” pretty much cease.

Will Stevie J and Benzino make up later in the season? Will Joseline continue to be Stevie J’s main side-chick? Stay tuned next Monday night.


Now sexy Erica and her “fiancé” Lil Scrappy are having more issues than ever. After Mama Dee, Scrappy and Erica essentially spark World War 3 at the dinner table in episode 3, Scrappy meets with Mama Dee at a jewelry store. Scrappy tells Mama Dee that she needs to chill on Erica, because he loves her, and they are both grown and basically should learn how to deal with each other. Then Scrappy meets with Erica at a restaurant and tells Erica the same thing he told Mama Dee. Erica drops the biggest egg on Scrappy’s face though, when she tells him she wants to “pump the brakes” on the engagement until she is sure Scrappy has her back 100%.

Scrappy was so baffled that he hit up Kirk and went to………the strip club? I don’t know Scrappy but seems like that wouldn’t be the best place to be, especially since your fiancé already has trust issues with you.



Meanwhile in the city of Atlanta, the new girl, Traci Steele and her “child’s father” DJ Babey Drew showed why they’ll be a couple to watch this season on Love and Hip Hop.

Let me tell you about Ms. Steele. Drew asks to borrow $25,000 to open his show boutique in Atlanta. All Traci wants is to ensure that Drew is using the money for the right reasons and doesn’t mess up her investment for their son. I personally agree with her, but of course, this is where the drama begins. While Traci and Drew aren’t together, Traci still tried to have some kind of control over Drew and his decisions, stating that she wanted a hand in the boutique hiring to ensure groupies weren’t involved.

So when Traci comes to drop off the urgent check to Drew, lo and behold, he has an unknown groupie in the house. Needless to say, Traci flips out. After arguing for a few, Drew adds this “Traci is out of control, trying to control my love life, I can’t help I’m handsome.” (Someone is sounding a little too full of himself don’t you think?). The scene ends with Traci ripping up the check for the boutique and Drew threatening to go back on tour with Chris Brown and shows Traci with the stupid sad face, crying over a man that obviously just wanted to use her for the money, but hey, you can’t live other people’s lives *shrugs*.

We did not get to see much from Rasheeda on this episode, however her husband Kirk and the screen gem K. Michelle meet up to talk about episode 3’s little skirmish at Mimi’s housewarming party. Kirk tells K. Michelle that she needs to chill out on Rasheeda or basically its going to get ugly for her. He tells her that if she places a finger on Rasheeda, she would never step foot in Atlanta again.

Of course K. Michelle goes HAM and calls Kirk all kinds of names, and even went on to call him and Rasheeda’s relationship a lesbian one. She even says that Kirk “probably has a period”. LMAO she is a fool. The worst part was the song K. Michelle sang after Kirk left. “You wife is a prune, get yo husband out the room” will forever be a classic line to me!


We didn’t see much of Mimi Faust this episode, nor Rasheeda, but I am sure there is more to come next week.


So What did YOU think about this week’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Post your comments and discuss. 



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