Former NBA Player on Life Support

Before I begin, big ups to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the breaking news.

Sadly today, Former NBA player, Mookie Blaylock, is now on life support at the Atlanta Medical Center (AMC). Blaylock was one of 3 people involved in a nasty car crash in Clayton County earlier today (Friday).

According to the AJC, Blaylock began driving northbound on Tara Blvd in Clayton County, when for a reason not yet released, crossed the median into the southbound traffic and was stuck head on by a passing vehicle. One vehicle then burst into flames. Once the medical staff arrived, Blaylock and one other victim, were airlifted to AMC. There were 2 people in the car that Blaylock hit, and while both were injured, only one is in critical condition, in addition to Blaylock at AMC. The police have not released the victims names at this time.

Mookie Blaylock, whose real name is Daron Blaylock, is currently on life support and has been reported non-responsive. Blaylock is 46 years old and played 13 in the NBA, most notably for the Atlanta Hawks from ’92 to ’99.


Our prayers go up to Mr. Blaylock as we wish him, and the other victims a speedy recovery.

Stay tuned to more updates, right here on #PTP!


Rap Mogul Jay-Z Under Investigation…..

Well Well Well, its seems like HOV can’t keep his nose clean lately. It is now a little under two months after the US Treasury Department began and investigation of Jay, for a trip to Cuba that he and his wife, Beyonce took.

Now it seems that the NFL Players Association want to know some things about Jay-Z and his involvement in signing Geno Smith, second round draft pick of the New York Jets to Roc Nation Sports.


QB Geno Smith made all the major news sites when he let go of his agent due to him being the 39th pick in the draft. Smith was ranked the #1 QB on most mock draft boards, and when the Bills picked former Florida State QB at number 16 overall.

Last week Smith told the media that he signed with Roc Nation Sports where he will be managed by Kimberly Miale.

Geno Smith tried to make it clear that Jay Z himself, had nothing to do with his decision to sign to Roc Nation, but the NFLPA decided to investigate after finding a photo of Geno and Jigga together kicking it, around the time Smith signed.

Now I know your wondering “What’s the Big Deal”? Well, the actual NFLPA investigation will take a look into whether or not Jay-Z’s involvement in the signing, violated the “runner rule,” which was implemented in the NFL April 2012.

The “runner rule” makes it clear that NOBODY without the appropriate credentials (which are called “runners”) can be involved in signing or recruiting agents.
Apparently…..Jay-Z does not have those credentials. However if found out that it was strictly a signing by the manager Kimberly, then Jay would be off the hook.

Roc Nation sports has already signed New York Yankees player Robinson Canó, WNBA baller Skylar Diggins and NFL Wide Receiver Victor Cruz. The agency has only been around for about a month.

Let’s see how Jay-Z gets out of this one. Share your thoughts!

“Yeezus” Save Us!

So…..Kanye released the album work for his new work “Yeezus” today…..and might I say….its going to turn some heads…..

Take a look for your self


As a Christian, this art could come off disrespectful to Jesus……but as an artist….its a nice spin on Tupac’s Mackaveli album and the Jordan Symbol and the “glow”.

Regardless of this….I still think Yeezy will be able to sell albums.
It IS causing a big stir on twitter tho!

Share your thoughts! What do you think about Yeezy and his choice of album art?

Nas to Open a Sneaker Store in Las Vegas

Nas doing big things…..plans to open a sneaker store! S/o to Jared Williams for the article


Revered for both his classic rap lyrics and love for Queens, Ny, legendary rapper Nas is looking to add another achievement his already stellar resume. When Nas isn’t in the booth laying down some more classic vocals, you can catch him on the site of his sneaker store that is currently being built in Las Vegas.
Taking to his personal twitter account, Nas let it be known that his sneaker store would indeed be coming this year and even let loose a few images of himself at the construction site overlooking the development of his upcoming business.
Though specific details have yet to be revealed about Nas’s store, be sure to keep checking with Uptown Roamers for further updates. Check out the pics of Nasty Nas on site and feel free to share your thoughts on Nas upcoming sneaker store. Respect.



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Star Jaguars Football Player Knocks OUT a Security Guard

Before I begin, shout out to TMZ for the heads up on the story.

Anyway, one of the ONLY players that actually have a name on the Jacksonville Jaguars, running back Maurice Jones-Drew (aka MJD), has been arrested for battery.

#UPDATE (May 28, 2013 8:21pm) The Ft. Lauderdale police spokesmen, along with Jones-Drew’s agent, have stated that charges have NOT been pressed on Jones-Drew at this time.


Here is how it went down. Jones-Drew was at “Reggae Sundays” at the Conch House in St. Augustine, Florida. The security guard allegedly told one of MJD’s  friends to stop touching a female, and a fight broke out. MJD then proceeded to allegedly punch the security guard in the cheek with a closed fist, knocked the guard out. Seems like he just gave a new meaning to “one hitter quitter”.

Doctors later found out that the security guard had contusions and a bruised jaw bone, but nothing was broken.

What is in store for the running back tho? After a season riddled with injuries, and a new GM, will MJD survive his latest troubles and stay on the roster? Share your thoughts!

You Can Look At It, As Long As You Don’t Grab It…..Beyonce Does WHAT??

There is more than one reason why Beyonce is dubbed ” Queen Bey” by fans and people world wide. She’s always been known for being classy, sassy and lovable, but the Queen does have a few pet peeves. Being touched, is apparently one of them.

During a performance on Beyonce’s “Mrs. Carter” tour in Copenhagen, Germany, a crazed fan was close enough to Beyonce to take an opportunity that MANY people world wide would die for. He slapped Beyonce in her derriere.

Beyonce was signing “Irreplaceable” when the man reached out and got a feel of Miss. Bootylicious herself.

Beyonce very sternly replied “I will have you escorted out right now. All right?”


Well it seems like we know one thing that grinds the Queen’s gears. I hope the man learned his lesson to never grab Beyonce again.

What do you think? Was Beyonce tripping? Share your thoughts!